1st July marks the start of Player Registration for the 2020/21 Grassroots Football Season

Despite the global pandemic situation we all still face with the FA guidance on training as Government guidelines relax this then allows teams to begin the slow road back to normality.

Also Player Registrations to Teams can begin too.

Winwick Athletic FC has already affiliated for the 2020/21 Season, so all of our Public Liability and Accident Insurances are in place.

Team Managers are putting together ‘non-contact’ training plans to maintain 2m social distancing, which allows groups of up to 5 players and a coach (6 max in a group) to enjoy kicking footballs and developing their personal ball control and skills together again with team friends. Squads larger than 5 can split into sub-groups with a greater distance between the clusters of 6 so that they can all train.

As things ease up still later in the year we will be ready to commence contact football as soon as the Government allow.

Please discuss with your Team Managers and stay safe and well.

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