COVID-19 Training Policy

The FA has announced that, SUBJECT TO THE NECESSARY RISK ASSESSMENTS being in place, that ‘contact’ outdoor grassroots football may resume in groups of no more than 30, including coaches (FA announcement was issued late on the evening of Friday 17th July 2020).


Guidance               FAQ’s                            Summary

Modified Risk Assessments have been developed by the Club Committee and our “COVID-19 Training Group” (revised procedures are published here, as of Wednesday 22nd July 2020).

Winwick Athletic FC stress that we are bringing in a PHASED re-introduction to football for all players. The Club requires the first week of a team starting back training to follow the “2m social distancing training” procedure, to ensure that all players in a squad understand fully the need to remain 2m away from each other during subsequent contact training for as much of the game as possible.  So, only mark a player from the other team in training for a minimal amount of time when trying to win possession of the football.

It is noted that some teams may choose for now to remain with “2m training” sessions rather than opt to go for “contact training”.

Winwick Athletic FC COVID “2m Training Procedures” >DOWNLOAD “2m TRAINING” HERE<

Winwick Athletic FC COVID “Contact Training Procedures” >DOWNLOAD “Contact Training” HERE<

Revised procedures above were published here on 22nd July 2020.

You will progress from “2m training” to “contact training” ONLY if your Team Manager and Coaches are satisfied with compliance to these FA derived COVID-19 training procedures.

Online COVID-19 Parental Consent Form >> PARENTS / CARERS – CONSENT HERE <<  

NOTE: Parents may withdraw consent by completing the online form again at any time, indicating ‘NO’ to appropriate questions, but must also email stating your intention to withdraw your consent. Naturally from that stage onwards you would not attend any future training sessions that do not meet your specific consent requirements.

It is also IMPORTANT that you also complete the Club Player Registration & Health Form using the online link below.

Club Player Registration & Health Form (Season 2020/21) << ADD Player Details HERE >>

ALL Parents/Carers (and Players) must have READ through all of the documentation on this page, and signed-off that they have done so, plus give consent for their child to train using the online form above. At the first training session, they shall also be inducted on how the sessions will be operated to ensure full understanding by all participants and those stood watching from at least 5m outside of the designated training areas.

It is noted that after 1st August 2020 “properly FA sanctioned friendly matches” will be permitted (again, with suitable risk assessments in place) and also the new grassroots leagues are scheduled to commence at some point in September 2020, as indicated by the respective leagues. So, we as a Club are committed to this phased re-introduction of grassroots football. We will advise separately on measures for goalkeepers and also advise when throw-ins can be resumed, but for now trying to keep the ball under control with feet at all times.


15th July 2020Government advice on cleaning surfaces in non-healthcare settings (eg. football)

On Thursday 9th July 2020 the FA gave a statement on the planned resumption of football for grassroots – see FA news announcement

Government Guidance on the Return to Recreational Team Sport was also issued on 10th July 2020  see Government Announcement.


3rd July 2020FA update on grassroots football (training individually, in pairs and threes)


On Saturday 27th June 2020 a small number of teams at Winwick Athletic FC resumed training, under strict COVID-19 “2m training” protocols, with full parental consents, FA Affiliation and Insurances and Winwick Parish Council agreements in place.

FA covid guidance-12-june-2020


On Friday 12th June 2020 the FA issued a statement  ……. “We have today issued new guidance documents for adult players, coaches, facility operators, parents and carers involved in re-starting grassroots football activity during Covid-19.

These documents have been produced in line with Government guidance issued on Monday 1 June, which saw the easing of lockdown restrictions on gatherings, public spaces and outdoor activities and the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation.

The return of grassroots football is something that we know many are keen to see, but at this stage of the nation’s response to Covid-19, it must be done with careful consideration for everyone’s safety, especially vulnerable groups.

We continue to work closely with DCMS and Sport England in order to set out good practice guidance for those responsible for delivering different aspects of grassroots football. As the weeks progress, Government restrictions may or may not be eased further. If they are, we will update our guidance accordingly. It’s essential everyone is clear about the restrictions and works together to manage social distancing and strong hand hygiene.

We want to thank you all in advance for playing your vital part in helping our great game get going again. By observing Government guidance and these documents, let’s work together to ensure the transition back to enjoying football is as smooth and safe as possible.”

Along with that statement on Friday 12th June 2020 the FA issued three guidance documents applicable for grassroots football;

Following publication of this guidance from the FA, and also because the Government are now permitting training, with no more than 6 people in each session, Winwick Athletic FC have put together procedures within our DRAFT Risk Assessment, published here on Thursday 18th June 2020.  After final club consultation with Managers and Parents, we will adopt and then resume team training in specified age groups.

Winwick Athletic FC’s initial Risk Assessment for “2m Training Procedures” to be adopted for COVID-19 Training (published 19th June) required Parents / Carers to read those training procedures, and explain them to their child, then complete the online consent form at least 24hrs below BEFORE their first training session.

On 19th June 2002 it was stated that these procedures were likely to be modified in the light of future Government and/or FA advice.


It is useful to refer to the Blue Fin National Game Insurance Scheme (NGIS) summary for “Football Activity during COVID-19” issued on 11th June 2020.

Our Public Liability Insurance Cover is with Blue Fin through Lancashire County FA, which we have through our County FA affiliation process for the 2020/21 season (which was in place on Wednesday 17th June in readiness for the new 2020/21 season commencing 1st July 2020).


From 1st June 2020 Government Guidance permitted resumption of football training in groups of no more than 6 people from different households provided that a number of measures, including 2m social distancing, are maintained.

DDCMS Guidance 1.6.2020

Source: Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport


A previous statement from the North-West Counties showed from the outset that we needed to be patient for quite some time before seeing a return to ‘normal’ close-contact football.


Across the North West we recognise the challenges that have faced grassroots football throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. Our immediate thoughts have always been with all those affected and those who have provided both front line support via the emergency services and the key workers who have worked tirelessly, many of those being actively involved in grassroots football.

Across the North West we are all aware that the return of grassroots football will be complex with both phased and conditional transitions likely throughout the 2020/21 season.  That first phase has now allowed small groups of up to six persons, including your coach to meet and take part in sessions that abide by the Governments advice and guidance.

All our County FA Memberships/Affiliation processes will be open from Monday 15th June enabling all our Clubs to recommence their administration.  However, let’s present a clear and collective message from all of the County FAs in the North West; there is no return date or likely return date known for grassroots football. We do understand the eagerness to get back to football, but would ask that you follow the guidance offered by The FA and most importantly the Government guidance.


2nd April 2020Centre for Disease Control (CDC) advice on hand washing and using hand sanitiser

4th March 2020Government advice on hand washing