Club Presentation – Sat 14th July 2018


Presentation 1 – Starts 12.15pm

12.30 Academy (Paul, Rachel, Kath)

12.45 U7 Wolves (Carlo)

1.00 U7 Wildcats (Oli)

1.15 U8 Wolves (Gary, Scott, Steve)

1.30 U8 Wildcats (Ian, Matty, Gary)

Presentation 2 – Starts 2.00pm

2.00 U9 Wildcats (Simon)

2.15 U9 Warriors (Keith, Roderic, Mark)

2.30 U10 Wolves (Steve, Stuart)

2.45 U10 Wildcats (Neil, Niall)

3.10 Special Awards (Mini-Soccer Teams – U7s to U10s)

Presentation 3 – Starts 3.30pm

3.30 U11 Wolves (Richard, Dave, Damian)

3.45 U11 Wildcats (Martin, John)

4.00 U11 Warriors (Andy, Raphael)

4.15 U12 Bulls (Tracey, Alan, Brad)

4.40 Special Awards (9v9 Teams – U11s to U12s)


Presentation 4 – Starts 5.00pm

5.00 U13 Tigers (Lee, Mark, Ben)

5.15 U13 Dragons (Rhyan, Sharon, Ross)


Presentation 5 – Starts 5.30pm

5.30 U14 Dragons (Ricky, Andy)

5.45 U15 Warriors (Jeni, Paul)

6.00 U17 Warriors (Kath, Jay)


6.30 Special Awards (11-a-Side Teams U13s to U17s)


Evening Disco for all from 7.30pm until late (bar until midnight)

Activities and Entertainment During the Day from 1pm

Bouncy Castles

Mini-Soccer Goals on Field (Nets up for the kids all day – available from 12pm)

Face Painting

Hot Food Van

Child Entertainer (in other room throughout the Presentations for ALL Younger children)

LAJ Photography

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