ANNUAL PRESENTATION U11 to U17s – Friday 5th June 2015


Introduction                                   6.20pm

U9 Warriors (Nick, Nick)                   6.30pm

U11 Dragons (Ricky, et al)                6.42pm
U11 Bears (Niall, Lee, Mark)              6.54pm
U11 Hawks (Ste, Steve)                   7.06pm
U11 Hyenas (Neil, Richard)               7.18pm

U12 Wildcats (Ken)                          7.30pm
U12 Warriors (Jeni, Brad, Paul)         7.42pm

U7 to U12 Girls (Jeni, Brad)              7.54pm

Manager of Year, Team of the Year, Player of the Year (9v9) – 8.00pm – 8.15pm

U13 Wolves (Kath, Chris)                  8.16pm
U13 Warriors (Brian, Corin, John)      8.28pm

U14 Wolves (Chris, Ian)                    8.40pm
U14 Warriors (Paul, Mark, Sandra)     8.52pm

U15 Wolves (Danny, Mike)                9.04pm
U15 Wildcats (Mike, Paul)                 9.16pm

U16 Wolves (Tex, Jeff, Craig)            9.28pm
U16 Warriors (Ian, Rhyan)                9.40pm

U17 Wolves (Alan, Dave)                  9.52pm

Open-Age (Ian, Paul, Danny)          10.04pm

Manager of Year, Team of the Year, Player of the Year (11v11) – 10.15pm – 10.30pm

Venue: Culcheth Sports Club (The Daten), Charnock Road, Culcheth

Limited Car Parking … use Public Transport or park at Shaw Street and walk round (5-minutes walk)

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