Winwick Super Managers Fantasy League

Come on all you budding Team Managers, why not take on the current Winwick Athletic Managers and Coaches and see if any of our Players or Supporters can be the Super Manager of the Season. Go to the Premier Fantasy League and using the Code 1262289-297123 then join our ‘Private League’.

Let’s see who ends up top of this league in May 2015 then !!!! Last chance as the games start TODAY. You can register and amend teams and players any time up until 11.30am this morning if you want to be in for the first set of games. You can join in for Week 2 if you are away currently and just miss out. Its all a good bit of fun.

After Week 1 it was looking like Girls were going to be on Top with Sandra and Rachel, but some of the lower positioned Managers had strategically gone for players in the Monday evening matches so sneaked ahead of Rachel 🙂

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