Presentation 1 – Starts 11.00am

11.10 Academy (Paul, Jeni, Mark, Dan, Owen, Phil)

11.20 U7 Wolves (Gary, Scott)

11.30 U7 Wildcats (Ian, Matty)

11.40 U8 Wolves (Neil, Anthony)

11.50 U8 Wildcats (Simon)

12.00 U8 Warriors (Keith)

Child Entertainer (in Radley Suite throughout the Presentations for ALL Younger children)

Presentation 2 – Starts 12.30pm

12.35 U9 Wolves (Steve, Stuart)

12.45 U9 Wildcats (Neil, Niall)

12.55 U10 Wolves (Richard, Dave, Lee)

13.05 U10 Wildcats (Martin, John)

13.15 U10 Warriors (Andy, Gary)

13.30 Special Awards (Mini-Soccer Teams)

Presentation 3 – Starts 1.55pm

14.00 U11 Bulls (Tracey, Alan, Brad)

14.10 U11 Wildcats (Ricky)

14.20 U12 Tigers (Lee, Chris, Steve)

14.30 U12 Dragons (Rhyan, Ross)

14.45 Special Awards (9v9 Teams)  


 BREAK (that coincides with Televised Quarter Final Rugby League match)


Presentation 4 – Starts 4.55pm

17.00 U13 Bears (Niall, Lee, Mark)

17.10 U13 Dragons (Ricky, et al)

17.20 U13 Hyenas (Neil, Kate)

17.30 U14 Wolves (Paul, Terry)

17.40 U14 Wildcats (Ken, Mark, Jeff)

17.50 U14 Warriors (Jeni, Paul, Stuart)

18.00 U15 Wolves (Kath, Chris)

18.10 U16 Warriors (Paul, Mark, Lee)

18.20 U17 Wolves (Danny)

18.35 Special Awards (11-a-Side Teams)


Evening Disco for all from 7.45pm until late


Activities and Entertainment During the Day

Bouncy Castles

Mini-Soccer Goals on Field

Face Painting

Hot Food Van

Penalty Shoot Out

Ride the Bull Challenge (from 2.30pm until 6.45pm)

FA Skills Team (FA UEFA ‘B’ License Coach – Simon Hardman)

LAJ Photography

2016-17 Presentation FINAL TIMES v1.0